coporate philosopy abrash

Philosophy ABRASH:
Philosophy quality products, innovative, reliable for all customers and consumers.

Company vision ABRASH:

Products competitive with similar foreign products, and gain a greater share of exports in global markets.

ABRASH slogan:
Quality mixed with beauty

Our mission:

World production of quality products and customer satisfaction


1. Customer satisfaction in the quality, time and cost;
2. improve the quality of products and services through training and motivational systems at all levels of the organization;
3. The continuous reduction of downtime, rework and waste in the manufacturing and design;
4. the health and vitality of the personnel working with the principles of safety and occupational health;
5. Reduce consumption of energy resources reasonably;
6. The use of new technologies appropriate to environmental issues in its production;
7. Provide appropriate approach to occupational health and safety issues;
8. Continuous training of human resources and increase teamwork